Frequently asked question and answers for travelling through Mozambique and your memorable stay at Island Rock Resort


Do I need a 4×4 transport to get to Island Rock Resort?


The road from Jangamo to Island Rock Resort is thick and sandy. A 4 by 4 is preferable, but many 2 by 4’s have made it quite easily as well. A lot depends on drivers’ experience as we have seen many a 4 by 4 falter on the final stretch to Island Rock Resort! The resort is accessible to off-road caravans only.

It is important to let down your tires to 1 Bar, sometimes even as low as 0.8 Bar.

Should you only have a 2×4 vechicle it is recommended that you sms or phone us from Jangamo before going onto the sand road so that your progress can be monitored.

Safe parking is also available for small cars.  Please make arrangements with the resort prior to your departure from South Africa for transfers from Jangamo to the resort.


Are there any possible landmines?


With over a million mines still buried secretly, mines in Mozambique are still a reality.

The main routes have all been declared safe & sound. The empty land is just an illusion. No animals, no people walk in the veld.

Island Rock has been searched thoroughly for mines. One was found & disabled. It is currently being kept as an artifact in the Island Rock “museum”.


What can be bought in Mozambique in terms of food and supplies?


Some items may be more expensive as everything is imported from South Africa, but mostly everything you would require are available. Meat is very expensive. It is recommendable to bring your own meat supply and small comforts you may not want to run dry of.

Inhambane has a fresh market where you can obtain a variety of seasonal fruit and salads as well as seafood at reasonable prices.

Island Rock Resort does have a steady supply of fresh pao’s (Mozambique’s version of bread rolls), ice, charcoal & firewood.


Is the water at the resort safe to drink?


The water at Island Rock is sourced from a borehole. It is tested at regular intervals in a South African lab. The water can be used safely without worry. It is therefore not necessary to bring drinking water along.


What about Malaria at Jangamo and Inhambane area of Mozambique?


Mozambique is, unfortunately, a malaria endemic area. Island Rock is fortunate in that it is situated high up in the dunes with a constant breeze chasing away bothersome mosquitoes. There are also no swamps, lagoons or villages close by. It is recommended that you take precautions especially when visiting other high risk areas or if you have small children. It is best that you consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Recommendable precautions:

Mefliam or Larium has proven to be very effective prophylactics. It has been found that malaria is not as readily diagnosed with the use of more potent drugs. Side effects of these drugs are also not always very comfortable.

Repellants can also be used with great peace of mind. A combination is always best: Citronella soap, Peaceful sleep (apply late afternoon, especially to ankles), mosquito quills or candles, mosquito nets are just a few worth mentioning.

Other remedies include taking Vitamin B complex or herbal solutions like adding citronella, eucalyptus and lemon grass essential oils to aqueous cream


How is the road like up to Jangamo?



The Maputo corridor is now complete, making it a good highway all the way from Gauteng. The EN 1, going north from Maputo has been completed up to Xai-Xai. From there it is generally good tar road with slightly potholed stretches closer to the Inharrime area. Road works are common all over Mozambique and the section from Xai-Xai to Inhambane should be completed shortly (keeping in mind that African time is not relative).